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Elevators and Escalators

Experienced engineers of IKMA always provide free consultation services to architects and constructors during the design phase of buildings and facilities, during the analysis of traffic, vertical transport lines (elevators and escalators), all technical specifications regarding the necessary electrotechnical requirements, and the preparation of the installation scheme. It also includes the number of users in the building to be built, load during peak hours, etc. including predicting more accurate probabilities given the parameters.

People flow planning at the building design stage - "Traffic Analysis"

Special calculations, visualization, discussions and advice with architects and specialists responsible for construction, energy consumption calculations for choosing a product suitable for the number of future residents or users of the planned building, movement route, probable behavior, load level during peak hours

  • Application of "KONE Elevator Toolbox" software;

  • Advising on elevator computer-aided design (CAD drawings), 3D Building Information Modeling (3D BIM) and specification.

The choice of the interior design of the elevator

  • Choice from the "KONE Design" collection

  • Application of "KONE Car Design Tool" private interior design software

  • Ability to visually view and choose "KONE" material samples

Find your elevator design

Natural Wellness-Wood_tcm90-85543.jpg

Inspired by nature, the aim of the Natural Wellness approach is to provide people with a calm, pleasant, and relaxing space where they can transition between their hectic everyday life and home.

Natural Wellness
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Creative Life

Futuristic styling, innovative lighting effects, and materials and colors that pop come together in the Creative Life approach to create an elevator experience that's refreshing and energizing.

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By combining elements from modern global architecture trends with local design heritage, the Modern Heritage approach provides people with an exciting and engaging elevator experience.

Modern Heritage

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